What is a Hybrid Bike? – Everything You Need to Know

A hybrid bike characterize features of on and off road bikes where riders can possibly enjoy long distance ride around for leisure tours or light adventure rides up the hill.

Classification of Hybrid Bikes According to Design

Cross Bike

Cross bikes are intended for recreational purpose. It could be for racing or simple leisure tours around the city.

Commuter Bike

Named after itself, this bike is best for commuting. Common commuter bike features front, rear lights and chain guard.

City Bike

Like commuter bike, a city bike is likewise used for commuting although mimics mountain bike construction crafted with full fenders, suspension forks, front and rear lighting system.

Comfort Bike

Comfort bike has more enhanced features equipped with the modern derailleur gears. These gears surpassed the old hub gears with its recent variable-ration transmission and movable chain guide. Comfort bikes are equipped with seat suspension, plush saddles and suspension forks like the mountain bike.

Hybrid Bikes – Combined Mountain Bike and Road Bike Features

what is a hybrid bike

Mountain bikes are built to endure rugged road paths with its shock absorbing fork and rear suspension. Although, often heavier than the typical road bikes. Meanwhile, road bikes are very lightweight ideal for cyclists who opt for aerodynamic bent-over road trips using drop handlebars.

Great features of both mountain and road bikes are combined in one hybrid bike. Like mountain bikes, it is built with upright frame so you would stay convenient even with long rides. Hybrid’s handlebars give better view and control. It offers posture to reduce muscle strain especially at the back and neck areas.

Sturdy frames can reliably carry weight and likewise withstand pressures as you ride along the roads. Some hybrids have well-defined suspension fork use for off-road rides. Hybrid bikes mimic the mountain bike’s tires for good traction and endurance. Wheels are wider like the mountain bikes but improved with air pressure requirement similar to road bikes in terms of inflation. Mostly comes at 32 mm to 45 mm tire, 2 inches narrower than a typical mountain bike and 26-inches tire for women and comes at 29 inches for men.

Unlike mountain bikes, hybrid bikes got the lightweight feature and the handlebars designed of road bikes for efficient road bike. The gears are designed nearly the same as the road bike yet ease climbing and going smoothly down hills. Gears could be 16 to 27 speeds depending on model and brand. Most hybrid bikes can be easily assembled. Its package has accessories like tool kit, water bottle, bottle cage, frame pump and cyclocomputer.

What to Look For?

Bike enthusiasts recommend seamless tubes and titanium or carbon fiber frames when looking for durability and extremely lightweight feature although these could be rare for most hybrid bikes. In technical terms, this referred as chro-moly or otherwise called Reynolds steel frame. However, this is best if you want to stand out. Most hybrid bikes are made with aluminium frames and there’s nothing really fascinating about it. But, aluminium materials are also durable and cheaper. Not to mention that it is lightweight which make a great option for hybrid.

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Flat handlebars with bar ends may add to good hand grip for long distance rides. When looking for tires, you should consider the road trails. Slick tires work best for plain roads whereas tread tires are better on rough trails.

Also, consider that you are comfortable riding it. The best kind of bike should make you really convenient – not too small nor too big; the bike size should be just right for you.

Do You Need a Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bikes package quality and good features. For a cyclist who drives slight rough trails yet track flat city roads, the hybrid meets both purpose halfway.

Final Thoughts

Although, it has the features of both mountain and road bikes, you should recall that mountain bikes are still far better than hybrid in going to bumps, muds and rough trails up the hills, the same way that a road bike drive faster when it comes to marathon. For someone who just love going for swift and bumpy rides in one, a hybrid bike is a good option to hit 2 stones in 1 item.

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