Vilano Performance 21 Speed Shimano Hybrid Bike Review

Are looking for top performing hybrid or commuter bike that can give you a smooth swift ride? You’ve come to the right place. Vilano performance bike offers the best of Shimano components, one of the largest and the best manufacturers of premium quality bike parts over the decades. Indeed, if you’re looking for great features sold at an affordable price, you’ll never regret choosing the Vilano Performance Hybrid Bike and Commuter Bikes by Shimano.

Grab your bike today and you’ll get 54% savings. Wow, that’s so big. Shimano 21 Speed 700c Commuter and Hybrid Bikes were originally sold at $399 and now it only cost $249.95. Isn’t that a great deal? With over 150 bucks savings, you can still get bike accessories and perks.

Product Description

What can you get with your hard-earned $250? This performance bike has 6061 double butted aluminum frame. Hence, it can provide an efficient, comfortable ride away from back aches and muscle strains.

Vilano Performance 21 Speed Shimano Hybrid Bike

Also, the bike is definitely lightweight built in with rear rack mount which will completely bring a completely easy and swift ride on city roads. And you must not forget that this bike is operated with 21-speed, so you’ll never have to worry crossing bumps and humps anywhere. Not to mention the speedy 700c wheels fitted to conquer resistance as you journey on the roads.

Don’t forget to check out the standard bicycle U-lock and light set. The site offers multiple discounts if you buy these bike accessories together.

Specifications and Features


This bike is made of sturdy and lightweight 6061 aluminum frame with hi-ten steel fork built with additional rear rack mount points plus a water bottle accessory and comfortable ergo saddles.

Shifters and Freewheel

No need to worry whether it’s a smooth or rugged trail as it comes with Shimano TX trigger 7-speed, rear shifter and 3-speed front shifters at a total of 21 speeds.

Brakes, Stems and Seatpost

Yola! Everything is made of alloy from brakes, stems and seatpost.

vilano hybrid bike brakes

Chain, Hubs, Rims and Tires

  • Chain – KMC Z
  • Hubs – Quick Release 32-hole KT Alloy
  • Rims: 700c Double Wall with CNC Machined Sides
  • Tires: Kenda

The Right Bike Size For You

Are you ready to shop? Vilano Performance Bike comes in various sizes to suit your unique needs. Please refer to the suggested bike size according to your height as follows:

  • 5’2” to 5’6” = 50 cm
  • 5’7 to 5’11”= 54 cm
  • 5’11” to 6’2”= 58 cm

More about this Product

If you wish to place an order online, this bike weighs around 65 pounds with ASIN code B00CLX59KA and one of the best-selling bikes. However, auxiliary feature like the kickstand is available separately outside the package deal.

Inside the Box

The package content includes the bike frame, tube in tires, gear assembly, mounting point, brake pads, saddle and seat pedals.

What Customers Have to Say: The Pros and the Cons

The Pros

Great Features

The bike comes with lightweight frame and aluminum parts which pictures real comfort for users. The tubular frame made of alloy and exemplary drop bar feature offers strength and performance. The user can easily change speed especially while reaching any inclined areas. Also, with the shifting gears built in the center of the steering column, you won’t worry about accessibility anymore. In addition, the steel forks are crafted to withstand bumps and shocks from various road types. Indeed, this bike is made to stand-up for years.

Warranty and Guarantee

Vilano offers product warranty. Simply register the bike at The records likewise aid in retrieving stolen bikes registered under your serial number.

The Cons

Needs Upgrading

Overall, the bike is efficient but if you’re really planning to take the hilly trail, well this is quite similar to an entry bike that one should think about upgrading some crucial bike parts like the brake pad. The brake quality is not really top of the line. You will have to change the bike seat if you find it uncomfortable.

Some accessories are not included in the package, so if you want to add kickstand, fenders, bike lights and rack, you’ll need to shell out some cash. And wait – don’t forget to get a set of personal tools at the shop. It’s not included as well. Otherwise, those who are not fond of modifying the unit will surely have their thumbs up with the performance of this bike.

Who Should Buy It?

Is your budget tight? No problem. With $250, you can bring home a quality bike on your garage. If you are looking for an affordable quality bike, Vilano Performance bike is the best pick. Whether you are a novice or an expert cyclist, all you’ll experience is comfort and real swift rides in both smooth and rugged trail. Moreover, if you’re looking for a professional looking bike, spending on Vilano hybrid bikes is truly worth more than its price.

Why Should You Buy It?

It’s no brainer why one should buy this bike. It’s cheap and available anytime anywhere. It also comes with special discounts online. If you simply love convenient shopping, you can easily add this product on your cart and have it shipped in no time.

Are you a novice cyclist? No worries. Assembling this bike is as easy as pulling it off the box package and it’s way to go. Just follow simple instructions that come along with the box. Assembly time takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, could be less depending on how familiar you are in assembling the bike parts.

And above anything else, first-hand users can speak about the quality of this bike. Most are impressed with its strength and on-road performance. So, if you need a starter bike along the city, you’ll never regret picking this onw. Read more reviews and blog sites and you’ll never believe how much this bike offer you for a $250 value. The frame is classy and the tires are reasonable for its price.

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