Diamondback Bicycles Insight 2 Review

Hybrid bikes are the kind of stuff for people who love to engage on the mountain trails and city paths. Are you looking for the best brand or model? How much is your budget? Do you have preferred specification standards? Or are you a bicycle novice who doesn’t have any idea where to start? Don’t worry. The Diamondback Insight 2 bike could be the one you’ve long for all this time.

You could just imagine the brilliance of those minds who designed the hybrid bikes. How its shape, size and overall construction contribute to unwavering performance, stance and precision on the roads. Indeed, the Diamondback Insight 2 bike is another one-of-a-kind invention, a perfectly crafted bike in 2014.

The best cyclists in the world often recommend the best brands and manufacturer. Why is this so? This is because we want to deal with a company who have been there in this business for years proving to the world why they have the best products not only for mere words or ads but a performance track record.

For bikes, riders like to enjoy unique experience of comfort. Others wish to win races, looking for speed and stance. Diamondback bicycles are renowned for its quality products built with innovative technology and geometry which most cyclists look for in a bike.

This year, you are about to experience the best mountain bike and road bike features in one with the Diamondback Insight 2 Performance Hybrid Bike with 700c Wheels. And to make sure you won’t have to miss this, Diamondback built the Insight 2 in various sizes (16 -22 inches). There is one for sure that would fit you.

Product Details

The Insight 2 comes with a nice 6061-T6 butted Aluminum Performance Hybrid Frame made with very light aluminum materials, an integrated head tube complimented with the Insight alloy aero straight blade fork for precision and vertical stance. Say goodbye to muscle strain and fatigue. Embrace the soothing ride with the assurance that you’ll get through comfortably be it smooth or rough roads as it has the DB Performance Hybrid saddle.

diamondback bicycles insight 2 feat

The low rolling resistant 700c wheels on the Diamondback Insight 2 offers a swift ride proportioned with stability giving you an effortless ride. This bike is equipped with Shimano gear system, the 8-speed shifters, quality cranks, rear and front derailleur, brake levers and bracket. Even if it’s you’re first time to try a hybrid bike, you won’t have to think whether you are doing the right thing. You’ll ride confidently as ever in no time as you find the right notch.

The Awesome Specifications of the Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Insight 2 Hybrid Bike

  • 6061-T6 Butted Aluminum Performance Hybrid Frame
  • Integrated Aero Alloy Straight blade Suspension
  • Shimano cranks, FCM131 with chain guard
  • Sealed Cartridge Bracket
  • Shimano Acera Rear Derailleur, Shimano FDM-191 Front Derailleur
  • Shimano EF-51 brake levers
  • Easyfire 8spd shifter
  • Allow Linear Brakes
  • HG31 8spd cassette by Shimano
  • Equation R23 Doublewall rims
  • Kenda Kwick Trax 700c wheels
  • DB Toe Clip Pedals
  • 31.8mm low rise alloy Handlebar
  • 3D Forged 31.8mm stem
  • 27.2 micro adjust alloy seat
  • KMC-Z82 model Chain
  • 32h Alloy QR front and rear hub set

Other Details

  • 02/14/3122 item model no.
  • B00FFUA3Z2 (ASIN)
  • 55,829 in Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank under Sports and Outdoors category
  • Sold a $391.97 to $549.99 (Free shipping)
  • Available sizes: 16 inches – small; 18 inches – medium; 20 inches – large; 22 inches – extra large
  • Available in red color

Inside the Package

– The Diamondback Insight 2 bike and its components, user’s manual, water bottle mounts, chainstay protector.

Note: Specs and accessories may vary from distributors


Diamondback Insight 2 comes with best quality Shimano bike hardware components for less than $500. The finest hardware from popular Shimano plus the number of positive feedback for users makes this bike a good choice comparing various brands at this cost. In fact, one user vouch its quality giving a 5-star rate saying that Insight 2 2014 is worth more than $500 when it comes to performance.

Its lightweight aluminum frame and parts are made to endure rugged trails and likewise known for its strength and quality. Weight and strength should go hand in hand to get the most of biking experience. Insight 2 Hybrid Bike’s 8 speed shifter can work efficiently should you wish to drive fast or go slow without damaging the gears. Also, it comes in various sizes to fit your built and height. You’ll have the opportunity to experience what you have read now.

diamondback bicycles insight 2 review


It might sound perfect but like any other bike models, Diamondback Insight 2 Performance Hybrid Bike also has minor flaws. It doesn’t have shocks. Some would say it is not really comfortable in very rough terrain.

Overall Satisfaction Rating

A perfect 5-star rating at Amazon is something. However, there’s only 3 reviews for it as of now. Then again, if you try to browse around the web, you would rarely find negative feedback. If there is, it only speaks for minor issues on shocks. Pretty well, this bike is not designed for very rough trails. It’s a hybrid bike, so more or less, it is best to light rough roads and well- constructed roads for leisure tours and commuting.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking for affordable and high quality performance bike, the Diamondback Insight 2 Hybrid bike is the best choice.

Who Should Buy It?

Whether you want good bikes for fun, commuting or simply to keep yourself fit, this bike is perfect for those purposes. Your kids will love it and your father too. In fact, even women who have that strength and agility skills will surely love you for giving her this bike as a present.

Be it for novices or expert cyclists, biking is never been better with a Diamondback Insight 2 Performance Hybrid Bike with 700c wheels. Do you want to prove it? Why don’t you visit a bike shop nearby and buy one. You won’t regret it.

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